Monday, February 13, 2006

Illustration Friday: Simple II

This is my second attempt at the illustration friday topic: Simple. As mentioned here in my previous post. I will miss the simple pleasure that is Cheese (depicted here) during my eight-week detox.

Illustration Friday: Simple

This is my third attempt. I am not sure why the transparency looks so unacceptable. In the future I think I will need to look at where I post a specific type of image. Please read my first attempt for details.

I am not sure why the previous post did looks so bad but here is a second try please read the previous post for details.


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Illustration Friday: Simple

ifri-simple001, originally uploaded by smith_cl9.

Finally I have returned from my self imposed down time. I have been reading most of the past two months. I need to start transferring some of my Ideas to lucid images to upload. On a positive note, I have found that one great source of inspiration for me is to work on lettering. I have always worked on calligraphy (although as my lettering abilities improved I have not improved my penmanship). The combination of the Illustrator brush tool and WACOM tablet is perfect for my left-handed affliction. The typeface used here is my personal favorite, Carolingian minuscule. I will be trying to transfer some typefaces into a paddoc.

For this Illustration Friday Submission. I was thinking about my impending eight-week detox (starting and extending past lent) which is mentioned here. This is the same detox Morgan Spurlock used to recover following the thirty day McDonalds Binge. This is my second time detoxing. During my first detox (September 2005 until my birthday 2005) I found the only thing I truly missed was cheese. When I finish this spring detox, I will probably celebrate will a porterhouse (depicted here) a true, SIMPLE pleasure.