Saturday, March 04, 2006

Illustration Friday Remix: Night

Occasionally I will revisit some of my previous posts to examine how changing some elements will improve the message. In this case, I am revisiting my first illustration friday submission. This time it is a vector image stressing the flare tool. At the moment I will not consider the reflection of the sun in the water. I imagine I am losing some of the emotional impact of the first submission for an effect. With practice, I hope the loss will not be as dramatic. I am pleased enough with the result to make this my first masthead.

Illustration Friday: Insect Take One

Submission for illustration friday best viewed at full zoom or larger. I wanted to, "restrain" myself to keep a, "check" on my artistic, "expression." I think I will attempt additional submissions on this topic but on a different slant.

Friday, March 03, 2006


I hope I get this in before the new topic is posted. I actually did most of the work for this image on Friday, February 24th. I sketched my hand upside-down; scanned the image; an traced the scan in Illustrator CS2 (after some experiments with color blends). I could probably do more to the image but I need to close this and move on to another project. This image and the two simple submissions are examples of my efforts to gain some mastery with color blends.