Thursday, November 10, 2005


ifri-night, originally uploaded by smith_cl9.

This is my first attempt to post an image from my Flicker! account.

I have been so busy the past month that I have been unable to start posting contributions to my creative outlets. Thankfully, I finally have some time (now that the Marathon is over). I was hoping to make this week's Illustration Friday topic: "NIGHT" my first creative post.


Anonymous said...

This is really evocative! The sun, clouds and water reflection shimmer with life before dark.

carla said...

You ran the marathon! That's impressive....bravo! Your illustration is also impressive...beautiful, vibrant colors that draw me in.

pussy said...

oh i love that reflection...liquid fire.

noctrnl said...

Thanks Carla,

Actually I did not have a bib number last Sunday. I will clarify in my next post as follows:

Stuffing bags for Saturday Morning International Fun run.

Marshal for fun run

Set-up for Pasta Dinner (New multigrain Barilla PLUS product Info)

Dinner Service (help families and runners to tables).

Staten Island start (Pick-up from Courage & Fortitude Lions at the Library 3:40am).

Watch the closest finish in history

Work finish area crowd control (till 6:00pm).

Thanks again for the comment. I love all of your stuff also.

noctrnl said...


evocative, there is a word I was aiming for. Love all of your previous posts.


Fire is good, liquid fire... sooo much better.

Note to self:

Connections are nothing to fear.